Intellectual Property Law


Expert Witness Search Services

Patent prosecution & litigation and expert witness search services since 2008.

Headquartered in the beautiful coastal California town of Redondo Beach, Alonzo & Associates represents clients on and between the East and West coasts. Our firm specializes in all Intellectual Property matters, from the idea stage to the issuance of a patent and then to enforcement of the Client’s patent rights.

Another of our specializations is providing expert witnesses for litigation cases. A strength we have in providing the right expert to win your case is that we vet all the expert candidates on their technical knowledge to ensure their qualifications for working on the patents and the products in suit. We also provide experts who are familiar with reviewing prior art references.

Our founder, Arlyn Alonzo, has been a patent attorney since 1996. She has litigated as well as prepared and prosecuted patent applications for Fortune 500 companies. She is personally involved in every patent case and in the vetting of each expert candidate, using her litigation and patent prosecution experiences to expose any weakness an expert candidate may have.

We bring our extensive collective experience of approximately 70 years and our professionalism to every case and customize our services to each Client’s unique needs.



Redondo Beach, CA